Contact Lenses

Westfield Opticians provide contact lens consultation and fitting.

We start with an initial assessment for compatibility for contact lenses both physiologically and visually – this is usually following an recent eye test. The needs of the client are assessed – i.e. whether they want to wear them permanently or occasionally.

We stock a full range of contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb and Ciba Vision including custom made gas permeable to a variety of modern soft lenses ranging from one day disposables to standard two weekly/monthly disposables. We also stock extended wear lenses which can be slept in for up to a month continuously.

Call now for an appointment: 0114 2646818

With a background of dispensing optics we have good knowledge of specialised lenses to suit individual needs.

We have invested in high quality equipment, and as well as regular frames we also carry designer ranges.

We have a return rate of 80% with our customers, in an industry where 40% is considered good.

We have a workshop on site so we can control the quality of work.

We allow half hour appointments for both NHS and private eye examinations to provide a one to one service.