Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of questions we are frequently asked at Westfield Opticians. If you have a question but it doesn’t feature here then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Q13 Do you do NHS eye tests?

We do both NHS & Private eye tests. NHS Eye tests are available to children up to the age of 16 or up to the age of 19 if they are in full time education, They are also available to:

  1. Diabetics
  2. People with very strong spectacle prescriptions
  3. People with glaucoma or over the age of 40 with a first relative who has glaucoma (ie mother child brother )
  1. People on income support and family credit child credits

    Also NHS tests may be applicable to some people on low incomes for which they have to fill in an HC1 form which is then processed. People claiming NHS tests on benefits are required to provide proof of benefits. HC1 forms are then processed in Newcastle, taking about two weeks. If sight test is provided for financial reasons and spectacles or contact lenses are required, a voucher towards the cost of the spectacles will be issued. In our practice the voucher can provide a full pair of glasses from our budget range – with the balance being payable should a higher cost option be required. This covers children as well.

With a background of dispensing optics we have good knowledge of specialised lenses to suit individual needs.

We have invested in high quality equipment, and as well as regular frames we also carry designer ranges.

We have a return rate of 80% with our customers, in an industry where 40% is considered good.

We have a workshop on site so we can control the quality of work.

We allow half hour appointments for both NHS and private eye examinations to provide a one to one service.