Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of questions we are frequently asked at Westfield Opticians. If you have a question but it doesn’t feature here then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Q15 What are cataracts?

Behind the pupil of your eye there is a lens which is about the size and shape of a small transparent smartie. This can become clouded due to age or trauma, making the vision go cloudy. The condition, which can be congenital, is treated in hospital by removing the lens and replacing it with a plastic implant. The results are usually very good. The operation is done under local anaesthetic and typically takes about 20 minutes. Usually one eye is done at a time. Under the NHS in Sheffield the waiting list is typically 6-9 months.

With a background of dispensing optics we have good knowledge of specialised lenses to suit individual needs.

We have invested in high quality equipment, and as well as regular frames we also carry designer ranges.

We have a return rate of 80% with our customers, in an industry where 40% is considered good.

We have a workshop on site so we can control the quality of work.

We allow half hour appointments for both NHS and private eye examinations to provide a one to one service.